Friday, January 24, 2020

Home: Regina           Away: Lethbridge Hurricanes


Brandt Centre
1700 Elphinstone ST.
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4P 2Z6




Hockey Night in Canada has represented a Saturday institution in Canadian households. The third season of the WHL Suits Up To Promote Organ Donation Presented by RE/MAX will celebrate the longstanding history of Hockey Night in Canada in a brand-new way that will spark nostalgia in hockey fans far and wide. Fans will have a chance to get their hands on the limited-edition Hockey Night in Canada-themed WHL sweaters through local auction with their WHL Club.

All games feature puck droppers.
Here are their stories:

My journey with kidney disease …
by Kelly Ermel

My story began the day I was born on February 16, 1985, in Regina, SK. At birth, one of my kidneys was a cyst and therefore did not work at all, while the other kidney was only functioning at 75 – 80%.


By age two, my kidney function was rapidly deteriorating, and I was started on dialysis at Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. I continued this at home where I received manual dialysis every four hours, and at night I was hooked up to a machine, which performed dialysis on me while I slept.


In April of 1987 I was put on the transplant list. Both of my parents were tested to see if they were eligible to be a living donor and my mother was a near perfect match. In April 1988, when I was 3, I received a kidney transplant from the most selfless person I know, my mother. I was immediately put on anti-rejection medications, but in June 1988 I went into rejection. Then, I was given one specific anti-rejection drug (a one-time treatment) and, luckily, it worked.


It will be 30 years this April since my transplant and I have been doing very well, with only minor complications. The transplant was a true lifesaver and I will be forever grateful for the life it has given me.

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