Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020

Home: Vancouver Giants        Away: Prince George Cougars


Langley Events Centre
7888 200 Street
Langley, British Columbia V2Y 3J4




Hockey Night in Canada has represented a Saturday institution in Canadian households. The third season of the WHL Suits Up To Promote Organ Donation Presented by RE/MAX will celebrate the longstanding history of Hockey Night in Canada in a brand-new way that will spark nostalgia in hockey fans far and wide. Fans will have a chance to get their hands on the limited-edition Hockey Night in Canada-themed WHL sweaters through local auction with their WHL Club.


All games feature puck droppers.
Here are their stories:


Hailey-Ann’s story….



In many ways, Hailey-Ann is a typical toddler. Spunky, inquisitive, and cute as a button, the three-year-old is up at the crack of dawn raring to go. She loves to spend time with her parents and other family, especially her Nana and Baba in Nanaimo, and she’s a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks and the Paw Patrol.

But Hailey’s life has been full of challenges. She was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) in utero, when her mom was 21 weeks pregnant. When she was born her kidneys were 10.5 cm long; healthy kidneys would have been closer to 4 cm. Recently another renal ultrasound was done and her kidneys are now larger than those of most fully grown men – and covered in cysts.


Hailey-Ann’s kidneys are so large that they compress her lungs and stomach, causing difficulty with breathing and food intake. She has very high blood pressure that is barely controlled by medication, and even a common cold requires a visit to the hospital for oxygen treatments. Then there are the pills and inhalers, the doctor appointments every two weeks, and the trips to BC Children’s Hospital every three months for pediatric nephrology monitoring.


Kristina Grant, Hailey’s mother, says it’s just a matter of time before her daughter’s kidneys fail and she needs dialysis or a kidney transplant. But for now, she says, “Research gives us hope. The doctors give us hope. And The Kidney Foundation gives us hope. They’re like a second family to us, and the people there treat Hailey like she’s their own child.”


Kidney disease is a very serious disease with no cure. One in ten Canadians has kidney disease, but most don’t know it yet. A kidney transplant is often a kidney patient’s best hope for any quality of life.  Sadly, many kidney patients will die waiting for a transplant.


The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch exists to help prevent kidney disease or delay the onset. They also provide a number of unique programs and support services for patients who have chronic kidney disease, or are on dialysis, and they promote organ donation to increase kidney transplant rates.


They are here to help each and every kidney patient until there is a cure.


Every year, Hailey-Ann and her family form a team called ‘Hailey’s Comets’, holding garage sales and raising pledges for one of the Foundation’s signature events, the Kidney Walk campaign, held each fall in 20 communities across BC and the Yukon. Through a number of annual special events and campaigns the Foundation and their supporters work hard to raise the critical funds needed to help kidney patients.


It’s not just financial donors who are needed. While 95% of British Columbians say they support organ donation, only 22% are actually registered on BC’s official organ donor registry. And with over 80% of transplant recipients needing kidneys, the Foundation has also launched an innovative campaign to Saving Lives through Organ Donation, with a goal to increase organ donor registration and kidney transplantation by 50% over next 5 years.  HEROES aren’t born, they’re REGISTERED.


The Kidney Foundation is encouraging everyone to take two minutes of their time and register their wishes for organ donation at


You can make the difference for a kidney patient between merely surviving life, and living it to the utmost.


As Kristina Grant says, “And that could change the world for someone like Hailey-Ann.”

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